Car Park Barriers

Protection for People, Plant and Equipment.

Car park locations typically feature multiple hazards that can present high risk for people, plant and equipment. Hill and Smith warehouse barriers can be customised to suit specific site requirements providing positive protection for perimeter edge, split level or ramp locations.

Car park barriers can often be required to accommodate the attachment of handrails and mesh infill panels.

System 3

Perimeter Edge Protection.

System 3 is a low deflection barrier that utilises tensioned steel bars anchored to the structural columns of a car park. 


Perimeter Edge Protection.

Flexi-Panels provide a fast fit option for a system featuring a combined vehicle barrier and pedestrian handrail complete with anti-climb mesh.

Spring Steel Posts

Car Park Protection.

Spring Steel Posts are designed to yield and absorb the energy of an impacting vehicle. The yielding action of the system minimises damage to the vehicle and the barrier.


Heavy Duty Protection.

The Flexi-Post provides a semi-flexible system. The upper part of the post is mounted into a rubber shock absorber which limits the deflection of the Flexi-Post to approximately 120mm.

Column Posts

Heavy Duty Column Protection.

Supporting columns are highly vulnerable to damage from vehicular traffic. In some cases their damage may compromise the structural integrity of the warehouse and repairs can be expensive.

Rigid Post Systems

Protection for People.

Hill and Smith car park barriers feature w-beam rail secured to rigid posts suitable for in-ground or base plate installations. All items are hot-dip galvanized providing durability and long-term performance.