System 3

Perimeter Edge Protection

System 3 is a low deflection barrier that utilises tensioned steel bars anchored to the structural columns of a car park. System 3 is suitable for new car park constructions or refurbishment projects and ensures compliance with car park barrier loading standards. Where suitable columns are not available, the Flexi-Bollard can be installed. The use of Flexi-Bollards as interim posts provides design flexibility and further reduces the system deflection.

Independent dynamic testing has evaluated System 3 at 7.5m column spacing and 2.5m spacing using Flexi-Bollards. The flexibility of System 3 absorbs impact energy and reduces damage to the system and impacting vehicle. The tensioned steel bars are rapidly replaced after impacted providing lower whole-life cycle costing.


  • Low deflection, energy-absorbing.
  • Impact tested to evaluate performance and compliance to car park barrier loading standards.
  • Bolted to the car park columns, not the deck conserving valuable floor space.
  • Flexi-Bollards can be positioned mid-span to strengthen the system.
  • Integrates anti-climb mesh infill and pedestrian handrail.
  • Fast and simple replacement after impact.

Technical Data

  • Designed to withstand a horizontal force of 150kN acting 450mm above floor level, normal to and uniformly distributed over any length of 1.5m. This load is derived from a 1500kg vehicle travelling at 4.5m/s.
  • Spans of up to 7.5m between supporting columns.
  • Evaluated with Flexi-Bollards at 2.5m post spacing.
  • Height to top of handrail: 1100mm.