Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 25 June 2020  

Date: 25 June 2020

Hill & Smith Pty Limited and Hill & Smith Holdings PLC have settled the proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia which they brought against Safe Barriers Pty Ltd, Safe Barriers Pte Ltd and Russell William Hood. 

Safe Barriers Pty Ltd has agreed to settle its cross-claim in those proceedings. The terms of the settlement are private & confidential and protect Hill & Smith’s valuable intellectual property rights.



Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 3 July 2018  

To our valued customers - Australia and New Zealand markets

Firstly, let us take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the Hill & Smith Brifen system over the years. We applaud your commitment to quality and proven performance of the specified products which have had a positive impact on our industry and ultimately the safety of our families. As a company we continue to work on partnering with our clients to develop better, more robust and efficient vehicle restraint systems for the global market of which Brifen still remains the leader in wire rope VRS technology.

It is this sustained investment that sees Brifen now po...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 25 September 2015  

 RSEA Hire accross Australia is rolling out the road safety industries most innovative temporary road  barrier. Zoneguard is a TL4 tested temporary steel barrier, rated for installations up to 100 kmh. Jaimie Haitas, RSEA Hire Manager Victoria and Brandon Chizick, Managing Director of RSEA Safety are seen here at the site of the latest Zoneguard install in Victoria. The simple "speed Joint" connection method of the Zoneguard Barrier means that there is no need to deal with hidden fixings. The Zoneguard barrier is lifted from the truck to the road, and as one piece is placed over another, there is little else to do. Deployment speeds are high, installation is simpl...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 2 November 2014  

Hill & Smith Pty Ltd has set up a new YouTube Channel with some of the latest videos available.

Check out the website -

Zoneguard is Australias latest high speed temporary barrier. Tested to TL4. The capacity of the system to deflect a vehicle and protect workers on a site is clearly demonstrated in the videos on the site.

For the contractor, the simple "Speed Joint" system means rapid deployment and rapid separation for lane changes and site access.

For the workers this joint system means that the whole barrier acts like a rope when a vehicle impacts, and ho...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 16 October 2014  

A1 Highways recently successfully contracted to supply and install Brifen wire Rope on the Robertson Army Barracks in Darwin.

Ian Ruddy, there northern representative was tasked with arranging the full supply. As is often the case with an installation, things are not always as they seem and work-rounds are required because subsurface conditions are not always as expected and no amount of preparation can prepare you for what will appear unexpectedly.

One of the great things about Brifen is that there is a fully qualified engineer providing support when needed. 

At Robertson Barracks it became evident that the expected standard installation could not occur...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 24 September 2014  

HS Roads ZoneGuard™ Temporary Steel Barrier is now approved in all Australian States & Territories.  The ZoneGuard™ Temporary Steel Barrier is a light weight, high containment portable steel barrier.  ZoneGuard™ meets both NCHRP 350 TL-3 & TL-4 and the new MASH TL-3 crash test standards.  

ZoneGuard™ offers the construction industry a superior work site protection and cost effective solution compared to traditional concrete barriers.

HS Roads have partnered with RSEA to bring the ZoneGuard™ to market across Australia, RSEA can be contacted on 132...

Hill & Smith Pty Ltd signature creation, Zoneguard, offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary barrier solution that provides superior protection. A cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete barrier, Zoneguard is lightweight configuration allows up to 180 metres to be hauled on one truck and approximately 300 metres to be installed in one hour.  Zoneguard is light weight does not affect its performance, as it meets both NCHRP 350 (TL-3 & TL-4) and MASH (TL-3) crash test standards. Finally, a safe temporary barrier solution that doesn’t weigh down your...

Does it make a difference? An independent study completed by National Co-Operative Highway Research Program in the United States looked into a broad range of Wire Rope Safety Barrier Systems.

The study reviewed and compared the performance of several Brands but in particular the differences in parallel rope and weave designs systems. And the findings were published in a report named NCHRP711.
The investigation sought to find how each system performed and how deflections were manipulated through varying Post Spacing and Anchor Spacing.
The following extract is from page 17 and 18 from the NCHRP Report 711:



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A proven product, Brifen is making an important contribution to road safety with installations in more than 30 countries throughout the world.The WRSF (Wire Rope Safety Fence) system is increasingly specified by highway authorities in Britain, Australasia, the Middle East, Scandinavia, South Africa and the USA, as an alternative to traditional safety fencing. – For further information contact us

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HSRoads has a new national number for quick assistance.

Call us on 1300 2 PROTECT (1300 2 77683).

No matter where you are in Australia, in your office on on mobile its is just a local call to get help.

Hill and Smith offer supply and design assistance for Zoneguard and Mass TemporaryBarriers, Wire Rop safety Barriers, Bridge Rail, Systems, Carpark Protection Systems and pedestrian protection systems.



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The Hill & Smith Web Site, is continually being upgraded to ensure simple and convenient delivery of information to Designers and Contractors.

Recently we have completed the upload of the first stage of our Technical Data section.

You can register with your email address at this site and download drawings in both PDF and .dwg, as well as manuals and test data.

Don't forget you can also use our upload section; to send us your project information so our designer can work on it for you.

Contact Hill & Smith 1 300 2 PROTECT for help...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 23 October 2014  

The Hill & Smith stand at the 9th Annual Bridge Structures has attracted a lot of attention as a new exhibitor.

The interest has been generated by the presentation of the tested bridge rail systems manufacured to comply with regular and medium containment levels.

The VGAN 300 is NCHRP 350 TL3 and TL4 tested which makes it the perfect proprietary barrier for bridges that require regular containment.

At only 28 kg per metre and a known energy transfer to the bridge deck it allows for better and more cost effective bridge deck design.

The other barrier creating interest is the VGSH 4000 TL5 or medium containment barrier.

Both sy...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 23 October 2014  

Installation has recently been completed of a VGAN 300 tested bridge rail system at Ballina Heights in Northern NSW.

The bridge was completed in early 2014, with Davbridge and Gary Deane Constructions. The VGAN was chosen because of the esthetic appeal and practicality. 

VGAN is lighter than standard bespoke steel and imparts far less force into the bridge deck.

One of the gravest things about VGAN is that the rails are flexible, and in the case of Ballina this was of great assistance as the design of the bridge was different when constructed to the plans provided. This meant that there was an unexpected radius. The rail supplied was still able to be ins...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd   Date Posted: 2 October 2014  

RSEA Hire has recently completed another succesful installation of Zoneguardtm for Shadforth Civil on the Sunshine Coast.

This installation required a minimum deflection install, which is a simple task with Zoneguardtm becasue the fixing points are already built in to the barrier. The Zoneguardtm TL3/4 Barrier does not require any additional components to be added to the barrier to allow minimum deflection installation. This speeds up install time and helps keep the costs and time delays down for the contractor.

With a deflection of as little as 50 mm, the barrier provides a high level of safety for workers and drivers through...

Author: Hill & Smith Pty Ltd  

RSEA and Hill and Smith has recently supplied 3km of Zoneguard TL3/4 tested temporary barrier onto the Gateway Project in Western Australia with a recent install on the Roe Highway, Perth.The Install Crew, headed by Travis Hincks of the Gateway Group were trained and accredited in the use of Zoneguard to ensure they understood the product and how it works. This ensured smooth operation during the first install, with 2.7 km installed in a single 8 hour shift.  Zoneguards simple 'Speed Joint' and slider lock means there is no fiddling when it comes to the layout, making it quicker and therefore more cost effective than other systems that may require bolts or faste...

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